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. >>> up next on c-span2, retired justice, john paul stevens, discuss the second amendment and gun laws, and the oral argument with the university of texas, a case challenges affirmative action policies in college admissions p. later, his tore yaps, journalists, and filmmakers mark the 50th anniversary of the cuban missile crisis. >> i watch c-span because when i want to get the news without a lot of talk and pundits adding their point of view, i can get the original script from a person, and then i can come to my own conclusions which i think is better than having someone else tell me what i should think. c-span, c-span2 #, and c-span2. 2 is booktv which i love, and 3 is the history challenge doing a civil war series, but sometimes i want to visit the senate and see what the house is doing, and so i look at c-span for those kinds of things too. >>> sandra parker mitchell watches c-span on verizon. c-span, created by america's cable companies in 1979, brought to you as a public service by your television provider. >>> tuesday, national journal hosted a&"snumm%=9zez the fiscal cliff, the
intelligence failure, vice president i? >> it was a tragedy, martha appeared chris stevens was one of the best. i can make two commitments to you. one, we will find and bring to justice the men who did this. and secondly, we will get to the bottom of it. wherever the facts lead us, we'll make clear to the american public. whatever mistakes i made will not be made again. when you look in president, martha, it seems to me should look at his most important responsibility. that is caring for the national security of the country in the best ways to look at how he handled the issues of the day. >> congressman ryan. >> weimar in the last of these four americans who were murdered. when you take a look at what has happened in the last few weeks, and they sent the u.n. ambassador got to say that this is because of a protest and youtube video. it took the president two weeks to acknowledge that this is a terrorist attack. he went to the u.n. and in his speech, he said six times he talked about the youtube video. look, if we are hit by terrorists, will call up what it is, a terrorist attack. our ambassado
, president ford nominated john paul stevens to replace him. in his confirmation hearings, he was not asked a single question about abortion because it was not part of the political dialogue in the way that it later or became. um, the big issue, the big change began in 1980, of course, with the election of ronald reagan because ronald reagan brought with him to washington, um, a very underrated figure in recent american history, someone who i don't think gets his due as an important person, and that's edwin meese. because edwin meese at first as an adviser and then as attorney general said, look, there has been a liberal ayen da at the supreme court -- agenda at the supreme court, there needs to be a conservative agenda at the supreme court. what was that agenda? expand executive power, end racial preferences intended to assist african-americans, speed up execution, welcome religion into the public sphere and, above all, um, reverse roe v. wade and allow states once again to ban abortion. a big part of the reagan revolution, um, was the arrival in washington of a group of young and committe
that followed followed, tens of thousands of libyans poured into the streets to mourn ambassador stevens. who had been a steadfast two ambien of their revolution. one sign read thugs and killers don't represent benghzi or is lauber out on their own initiative the people over ran extremist bases and insisted that militias disarmed and except the rule of law. that was as inspiring as the site as it we saw in the revolutions. it points to the end dimmed promise of the arabs bring. by starting down the path of democratic politics, libyans and arabs across the region have firmly rejected the extremist argument that violence and death are the only way to reclaim dignity and achieve justice broke in tripoli the country's transitional leaders condemned the attack. they fired the top security officials responsible for benghzi. the government issued the ultimatum to militias across the country. disarm and disband in 48 hours or face the consequences. as many as 10 major armed groups complied. now militias and extremists remain a significant problem in libya. but there is an effort to address that now h
is to introduce steven heydemann. steve is the senior adviser for middle east initiative. he taught at colombia. he is published and directed if the senator for democracy and civil society at georgetown university. steve is terrific asset to the institute. the project is one that it driven by syrians. with assistance technical assistance and other kinds of assistance from the institute in a sister constitution in germany. it's very important that these kinds of efforts be driven by local populations. things that are handed down from the united states typical don't work all that well. and so we are very pleased that you're all here. i hope you have lots of questions. and steve, if i can turn this over to you. >> thank you very much. thank you very much for opening us this morning. and let me add my welcome to jim's we're delighted to see you here this morning. it's going to be a very, very interesting conversation about syria after assad and the challenges of managing a post assad transition. as jim mentioned, this event this morning is in many ways the cull min nation of a project that has been
. between shelly berkeley and her opponent. defeat steven, jon, and their opponents. they're not bad people and i'm new york city not trying to get you -- i'm not trying to get you torn up and upset. i'm telling you the truth. this is what is going to happen. if you really -- if you want north korea come back, quicker, stronger, broader, deeper, more modern, more relevant to the future, if you want to rebuild the 21st century american middle class and just as important give poor people a ladder in to it, you have to make the right choice. [applause] at nevada, look at the crowd you are the picture of america's future. go out there and claim it on election day. god bless you. [cheering and applause] [cheering and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ presidential debate thursday night live on c-span c-span radio and online at c-span.org. watch and engage. coming up next, here on c-span2, a discussion on women's health care in contraceptive services. then the vice president of spain's largest bank talks about the european debt crisis. that's followed bay discussion on the foreign policy plan
consultant to ibm on cybersecurity. featuring in welcoming my colleagues, steven bucci. steve? >> we want to welcome everyone here to heritage this morning. we have a very timely subject to discuss and i think we have a great panel of experts that will be doing the discussing, at least to get us started. i have to tell you i have an interest in us because while the first things i did when i prided heritage was to testify before congress about the weapons of mass destruction are at that syria ended someone untimely demise may pose. and i am very interested to hear the answer to one of the questions i was asked by one of the congressmen, which was, g, couldn't rush a helpless in this regard? and i'll tell you what my answer was. i'm interested to hear what the experts have to say. and we have three of them here. the fourth one is in route and should be here by the time it's his turn to speak. but we are going to start with our panelists. i'll get about 10 minutes apiece for an initial opening statement. them are going to get to as much q&a as we can do more than give each one of them a minu
. and i have trust that we will get to some answers. our panel today is very distinguished. first, steven product who is a fellow at the center of national security is your who is a law professor at american university. somebody i think many of us in the audience know and have always wanted to meet who is now a partner at baker who was the inspector general for the department of justice for many many years and it is going to talk to us a little bit about what exactly that is. it has been referred to some many times during today's proceedings. john rizzo is the former acting general counsel of the central intelligence agency who is now partner and fellow at the hoover institute and to you will be so happy to know has a book that he is written that will be coming out soon called the company's man. so i think we should just get started. and thinking this started with you, john, to talk about what has come up with all of these -- the references to leaks which was not how the day began, but was out the government officials who were here decided to cast a tone of the day. state as -- eight stat
and government is not something close to an all-time high with me. if you have a conversation with stuart stevens, then how they conversation with mike leavitt, to do for. obama's more complicated and i don't have that many private conversations at the top people, but that would not be that the slum under. it's a very different conversation than one you would have a chocolate or whoever is really thinking through what obama would actually do in november, december of this year and in the first six months of next year. so i don't think it's impossible. i think that maybe we have to conduct ourselves, to get about the business of governing. i don't buy the argument that partisanship is so bad you couldn't get democratic votes for republican budget or vice versa. i think there will be a certain momentum to do with programs at the reelected president or newly elected president, given the absence of third-party candidates that will be an unusual situation where we haven't had a longtime, the certain kind of mandate. but in any case, it's not going to be -- were not going to get a lot of clues about thi
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